Be Here Now

IMG_0964These three words have been with me for some time now…what is it to ‘be’? Where is ‘here’ and when is ‘now’? Time is something that concerns me. So many of us are always trying to beat the clock, and in doing so it would appear to me that we are in fact speeding up time. How many of us have noticed that the more we try to pack in to our lives, the faster our lives seem to pass? So I have in recent years been experimenting with slowness. I have used the word ‘savour’ more times. I have stopped trying to fill up my time and instead have been emptying it. In stillness, time appears to slow down. By noticing it, there is more of it. I have become better at using small opportunities of time instead of fretting that it’s only a small amount which I then waste in indecision about which of the dozen things I would like to do in what I am perceiving as a limited period. I am more focussed and calm, able to make clearer decisions and less anxious. Rather than attempting to pin waves to the sand, I feel I am simply enjoying watching them coming in, going out, like breaths. So if we want time to slow down, it would appear that WE need to slow down. In order to enjoy life MORE, we need to do LESS.                             BE HERE NOW.