Afternoon – a meditation

Clouds in the sky of different formations; the sun on my arms and in my eyes. The chair outside that looks as if it is balancing on one leg with the others in the air. Umbellifer seed heads are visible above the horizon line and silhouetted against the sky. A robin perches on one. Geese trumpet their way somewhere to my left – I only hear them. Clear patches of  ciel blue make me think of the coast. What looks like a long slow comet streaks across one of the patches – it’s a vapour trail and the plane looks like a needle and thread trying to pierce its way through the blue silk.

The sun is starting to sink lower in the sky, lighting up the more varied shaped clouds. Wisps and feathers appear higher up. I notice the telegraph pole poking up from within the straggly damson tree and brambles; thick ivy probably keeping it upright. Now the sun has disappeared behind the clouds and only the glow of its light shows through the thin gaps where they overlap. Some of the larger clouds have turned smoky grey and scud across the sky  like a large shadowy UFO. There’s the robin again.

Oh wow! A curved white trail with a hint of pink is way up, the light catching the metal so it looks like a silver star, blazing a trail…and it’s gone. Here comes another and now two! They’re heading towards each other, the space between narrowing but now one has forged ahead. Slate blue clouds are invading from the left, like a shoal of jellyfish swimming together. A lovely splash of white behind them looks as if someone spilt some chalk dust or white pigment and then blew it away. Another plane glistens, from another direction this time and four birds get there quicker. The jellyfish have grown and now their shoal almost covers the higher part of the sky.

The last of the jellyfish are drifting off now and the pale blue is graphite smudged. The light is fading and the green field loses its emerald glimmer. The first star appears. The smudges turn to blurred watercolour bleeds and four tiny birds find a roost for the night. Dusk.


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