So, as far as I understand, trees shed their leaves in the autumn as a way of protecting themselves from the harshness of the cold winter temperatures. If they kept their leaves they would leave themselves vulnerable to damage and disease. Their growth slows down and they rest a while. This means they have a strong chance of surviving and growing stronger the following spring. They are looking after themselves. The leaves are not left as waste…they fall to the ground and nourish the earth, nutrients seeping in and forming a good mulch around the roots of the tree. I wondered the other day as I walked out and smelled the soft earthy dampness of autumn, if we could learn a thing or two. I walk around, holding all these worries and stresses as if holding on to them will somehow give me control of them but instead the opposite is true. Letting go of them will give me more control of myself and my wellbeing. This is better…this is what will give me a better chance of surviving the bitter winds of winter. This makes me stronger and gives me a chance of growing ever taller, providing more shelter and home for those who need it. Giving oxygen to a world desperate for fresh air and hope. Grace to trees. Thank you for them all.


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