Advent Drawings – Day 17

It has proven to be more difficult than I imagined to do a ‘decent’ drawing every day. My life simply does not allow it at the moment. That is ok but it means I now have a messy looking Advent! Perhaps that is what this is all about, we want everything to look neat and tidy and to fit into some kind of format but it’s not like that. Sometimes stuff happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Simple. Life is often unplanned, unshackled, and things don’t get done. Then, sometimes, it is beautifully ordered, loose ends are tied and things are accomplished. I have taken photographs during Advent as well as made drawings, so I have uploaded in retrospect to the days the photos were taken or that simply fill the spaces on days I neither drew nor took photos. Not very neat and tidy I know but it helps me to feel that I haven’t given up the idea completely. Today, I went out early to walk the dog and the moon was so low it was glowing across the mist that was hovering over the fields. Unbelievably stunning but impossible to capture on my phone camera! Here’s a glimpse…


Day 17


Advent Day 16

A simple sunrise from the beginning of advent…here because I want to include it and because during advent I have seen many sunrises. It has been wonderful to be up at dawn and welcome in the new day. The dawn, what a lovely word. Every day is a new day with a new sun rise. I am so happy that I get to see and experience this as often as I do. Thank you. Image

Day 16


Advent Day 12

I tried to do a quick drawing of the photo from yesterday but it is pretty awful really. I know I can do so much better than this if I am allowed more time and space. I would love to be creating this with oil paints in situ in order to capture the feelings I get when I’m in the landscape, feeling the cold and bathed in the light. This drawing is very poor but I’ll post it anyway.


Day 12

Advent Day 11

I am loving these Winter skies. There is something very different about the quality of light and colour from the skies we see in the summer and spring. It is a cold perhaps melancholic light but it give me butterflies in my stomach. What is it that makes Winter sometimes so beautiful…?


Day 11

Advent Day 9

This is the same sunrise as yesterday’s post but it was so stunning I feel it needs to take up a large proportion of the beautiful things I noticed during Advent this year.


Day 9

Advent Day 8

This sunrise happened on 5th December but I want to share it as part of my advent ‘journey’ so I’m putting it into today’s post….ImageImage

Day 8