Beauty Hunter

Someone recently called me a ‘beauty hunter’ in response to some photos I posted on facebook and twitter. I kind of knew that this is what I do, hunt for beauty, seek it out, but summing it up in such a clear phrase somehow has given it more power. It resonated with me (I like that term!) It helps to have a clear and more defined purpose. I think it is useful to refine what you do as an artist. The process seems to go through stages of expansion and refinement. I feel I have to narrow down my aims and purpose and then do more and more of that one thing. It is a bit like the way fractal geometry works. Infinity in the smaller and smaller detail as well as infinity in the magnitude of the expanding universe. Infinity works both ways….bigger and bigger and smaller and smaller. Wow! I love this. It’s like thinking that you have found the ultimate detail in the stamens of a flower and then realising that in each of these there are minute cells and structures. How small do they actually go? In realising that I am hunting for beauty, I can explore the idea in more and more detail. I am excited….


It leads me to the question of what beauty is. How do we define it? Do different people see beauty in different things? Much of the beauty that I seek is found in nature and often in the ordinary, but I see so much beauty in people too. I wonder where this will take me next…?